Braiders with Benefits

Thank you for your interest in our Braiders with Benefits program.

After taking time to survey braiders and some of our customers, we decided to come up with a new partnership program, Braiders with Benefits, where we partner with local braiders, stylists and salons.

Details of the Program

The program focuses on building a mutual relationship between braiders and ourselves. We firmly believe that the more as we foster this relationship, the better we can position ourselves as a source of quality hair and beauty products in and out of Halifax.

On the flip side, we’re hoping to also give braiders the opportunity to deliver even more value to their clients on a long term basis. We’re not making things “cheaper”, but rather more affordable and accessible, which has always been the core of HfxExtensions’ mission. Here’s some benefits of the the partnership we hope will add value. The;

Benefits To You (The “Braider“)

  • Listing your business at, our very own braider directory
  • 10% discount store-wide for yourself when you shop with us (assigned after registration)
  • First-hand access to product information and our catalogue
  • Get a say in which products we carry in the store that you believe the market, your clients, really need
  • Special discount codes with your branding that you can provide to your clients
  • Peace of mind knowing you’re getting quality hair extensions for/from your clients
  • Be part of an exclusive newletter detailing new and upcoming products, promos etc. (Inisider knowledge)
  • Get some of your work featured on our social media pages and websites as we expand our reach across Canada
  • more to come

Benefits To Your Client(s) (The “Braidee“)

  • Up to 10% off every store wide during checkout with their braider’s partner discount code
  • Access to other exclusive promos based the recommendations of braiders

What’s the Catch?

There’s none. There’s no binding contract, subscription fees or payments involved.

Our goal is to grow and foster a genuine and mutually beneficial relationship. We are firm believers in organic growth. To braiders, stylists and salons, we hope this will be another arrow in your quiver, a tool to assist you to deliver more value to your clients.

We do however reserve the right to make changes to the program (Braiders with Benefits) as time goes on due to the novel nature of it.

How do I Join?

NOTE: Already have an account with us as a customer? Simply reach out to us to have this feature added to your exisiting account.

If the above doesn’t apply to you, simply visit the partner registration page, enter your email and desired discount code and submit the application. Approval is usually completed within 48hrs. After which, there’s really not much else to do but hand out the code to your customers.

You can generate a partner link to share on your website or social media pages and a coupon code that you can share as well (business cards are a great place for those).

Note: At this moment, we are only partnering with braiders and professionals in hair/beauty related industries. For more information, you can reach out to us.