About Us – Our Amazing Journey


Welcome to HfxExtensions

While we’d love to regale you with every detail of our journey to this point, we thought it would be simpler to simple let you know what the original founder of our business intended when she started this business. The hands may have change, but the mission remains same.

HfxExtensions is a brand that is focused on bringing affordable hair and beauty products to our clients around the world. We are located and operate out of Halifax, Nova Scotia.


Thank you for stopping by and choosing us!

I have always been very passionate about protective hair styles and getting quality hair extensions for an affordable price can almost be like a treasure hunt. The beauty supply stores around me never seemed to have the colours I wanted, or the price was not affordable and the quality was not like back home.

As an international student, I suffered from culture shock and not being able to make my hair to the standard I was familiar caused me a great deal of stress.

I knew I was not the only one who was stressed as my friends and I shared the same struggles. So one day while on vacation back home I decided to stock up on hair extensions and some snacks since I was going back to school. Unknown to me, this was the beginning of HfxExtensions! I started with a few packs of hair that could only fit into a travelling bag. 

Throughout this journey, making my products affordable has always been my aim so that everyone can enjoy protectively styling their hair without breaking the bank.

With a variety of hair extensions available, all our products are 100% kanekalon braiding hair that matches the same quality as back home and at an affordable price.

Thank you for taking time to know about us!

image of a black woman in a white dress with long hair extensions